Domino's challenged us to transform pizza personalisation from functional to fun. The solution? Domino's Pizza Legends; a whole new take on 'Create Your Own', where every customer could create a personal story as a side order to their pizza. They could share it with friends online, enter the League of Pizza Legends, and of course, order it again and again.

Tracking results across platforms in real time was essential to inform campaign planning, drive participation and increase sales conversion. In View allows Domino’s to combine and visualise the data across multiple channels including Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and the Domino’s sales database.

Domino’s uses the dashboard for time saving, version control and always-on reporting. And they can access the reports from anywhere in the world. In View has allowed the business to track and optimise the path to purchase, making sure the Pizza Legends platform delivers maximum value – in fact, the average value of a Pizza Legend is 28% higher than a typical Create Your Own.

In View has been a real game changer in terms of helping us track and measure our marketing effectiveness. Linking data from, Facebook and Twitter to our internal sales database allows us to understand when, why and how our creative content drives customers to our site, and then optimise their journey once they arrive. We can then understand how this translates to sales and what actions we can take to drive future performance. Finding actionable insights from this reporting platform couldn’t have been easier – the design was intuitive and the Iris team gave us all the support we needed to make informed decisions.

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