MINI Global

MINI Global

MINI’s Global Marketing function defines its brand strategy, creating assets, campaigns and structures for markets to activate. But it buys no media itself. And it had no coherent data, insight or feedback loop to show how those assets performed.

We created the MINI Marketing Dashboard, so the Global Marketing function could generate rich, ongoing insights into marketing performance and its impact on sales, allowing it to make more informed investment decisions.

Over a two-year period and in four key stages, Iris worked with MINI to create a strategy and roadmap, building an infrastructure to manage all of MINI’s marketing and sales data across its top 20 markets. Here’s how we broke it down:

The MINI Marketing Dashboard consists of six functions. Each answers different questions, suited to a range of end users from C-suite marketers to retailer managers:

Marketing Funnel

How is marketing performing in key markets and how are marketing dollars being spent?


How many people talk about the MINI brand and how is it perceived online?


How strong is the performance of market websites?


What is the performance of multi-channel marketing campaigns across markets?

Media Landscape

How do markets support Global content and what are they creating locally?

Sales & Profitability

How can MINI increase revenue per car sold across all levels of the business?

Beyond the vision, the MINI Marketing Dashboard has an established, ongoing process to make sure learnings are understood and scaled-out to the stakeholders that need it most.

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