A marketing intelligence tool built around your needs

Understanding the impact of your marketing is crucial. But simply accessing marketing data is challenging, let alone unpicking what it means. In View makes it easy. It offers a single home to house your most important marketing data, and helps you derive meaning through a richly visualised online dashboard. The platform is custom built around your needs and your data sources, providing the insights you need in a format you can quickly understand and act on.

Simplify your data & increase performance

In View uses API's and automation to pull data from your key sources, including digital advertising, website analytics, e-commerce, social media and more. Your data is modelled in a single, cloud-based environment and and enhanced with smart analytics, to benchmark, forecast and better understand cause and effect. Your brands’ performance is then further placed into context with overlays of competitor activity and customer feedback. Through improved understanding of performance and data informed decision making, In View ultimately helps brands to improve the effectiveness of marketing investments.

Save time and resources

In View saves time for marketing and marketing analyst teams by providing a consolidated, holistic marketing dataset & reports to analyse. It removes the need for IT or data engineering teams to extract and join up key marketing datasets hidden behind internal gatekeepers. It can automatically create both your day-to-day performance check-in and your monthly board report, enabling you to refocus analyst time away from report creation and towards insights, strategy and data-informed decision making.

Getting started

Getting started is simple – in many cases it’s just a case of provisioning API access. The process starts by working with you to define the data sources most important to you, and a full integration typically takes 2-4 weeks to connect to your data sources and integrate your historic data (depending on the sources). Contact us today if you’d like to know more.

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